Friday, April 22, 2011

ReCap from June 2010-Now!

I know I have been procrastinating our blog for the past year now and I apologize!!  So, here is a brief recap of what has happened till now!
Michele & Andy's Wedding- June 2010

 Birth of our Niece Maeli Grace- July 2010

 Visiting Dad in Chicago- August 2010

Blast from the Past Extracurricular -September 2010
Loofah and AXE body wash- Halloween 2010  
    Thanksgiving in Spokane- November 2010

 Christmas in Chicago- December 2010

 Anniversary Present/Shooting Range- January 2011
 Page/Photo Trip-January 2011

 I Choo-choo Choose You-Valentines Day 2011

Mia Visit- March 2011

April soon to come!


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